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Fashion Magazine MacKay and Co.

“I think of MacKay & Co. as a vital arm to our organization. John helped us launch our Live Clean brand in Canada seven years ago and has been essential to our continued success. He takes the time to fully understand the entire scope of business before applying his invaluable PR expertise. Year after year John and his fantastic team do an incredible job delivering consistently exceptional results.

His impeccable taste translates into everything he does and makes John a fantastic sounding board. I can always count on him for wonderful insight and absolute honesty – offering a thoughtful viewpoint from his unique perspective. I highly recommend MacKay & Co. and consider him the best in the business.”

Michelle Sparrock 
Executive Vice-President,
Belvedere International

"There are those indelible relationships, those remarkable people, and those moments when time is suspended. Without a doubt, our business relationship with MacKay & Co. falls into that rare category. Human, strategic, talented... John and his troops led us to the greater heights in a perfect voyage."

Nathalie Lesage
Public Relations Manager,

“John MacKay is Canada’s pre-eminent PR maestro. His former experience as a magazine Editor-in-Chief gives him a unique and intelligent perspective on generating brand awareness and publicity for his clients and interest among the press corps. I dare you to miss a MacKay & Co. event!”

Susie Sheffman
Past Fashion Director
Fashion Magazine

“We hired MacKay & Co as Kiehl’s Canadian agency of record because of John MacKay’s capacity to grasp Kiehl’s and be completely in tune with the brand and expected results. With MacKay & Co. we found partners committed to thoroughly understanding the business in order to ensure a spot-on communications strategy. During the three years that MacKay & Co. represented us they generated impressive, quantifiable results that exceeded our expectations. It was a great pleasure to work with such a focused and professional team.”

Kristin Armstrong
Vice President-General Manager
Kiehl’s Since 1851

“MacKay & Co. helped launch Consonant™ Body Organic Skincare in the Canadian market, and the results were phenomenal; but MacKay’s contribution to our business began well before the first media release was ever drafted. Early on, they partnered with us to ensure all elements of our in-market presence, from packaging to in-person presentations, were strategic, compelling and most importantly, engineered for success. Once we were ready, their execution of our program was impeccable. In addition to rallying the country’s most influential and important media to our cause, which resulted in an enormous amount of press for our company and our products, the momentum MacKay and his team helped create for Consonant is delivering business results we can quantify, and that’s the bottom line.”

Bill Baker
Consonant Body Organic Skincare

“I’m often asked who does the best PR in the city, and honestly, if you are looking for someone who really understands the media, John MacKay is the go-to guy. He is enormously respected and, frankly, the classiest guy in the business.”

Chrissie Rejman
CityLine, CityTV