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Welcome to MacKay & Co. Spend a few minutes with us. We’d like to show you what we do and how we do it. We want you to see the kind of clients who are attracted to us and why some of them have been with us for years. And we’ll also show you how we think and how we approach this work we’re so passionate about.

We’re one of Canada’s most respected public relations agencies, specializing in lifestyle-driven products and services. Since 1998, we’ve counselled some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding clients, for whom both substance and the intangible brand values of attitude and style are critically important. Global luxury brands, specialty retailers, destination resorts and a full range of lifestyle consumer products – from fashion and fine jewellery to cosmetics, décor, eco-friendly products, even motorcycles.

We’ve built our reputation on our unparalleled success in PR’s core activity, media relations. With a journalist’s eye for a story supported by exceptional, carefully nurtured relationships with the media, we’re confident that we can find your story. We’ll discover what’s truly newsworthy about your company, product or service, communicate it to the press and then work with them to turn it into a newspaper article, magazine story or blog post. Time after time, initiative after initiative, we’ve generated exceptional coverage and delivered big results.

Our clients would tell you about our love of collaboration; we understand that ROI is a result of effective partnerships and integration. We’re known for our initiatives that support our clients internally, from product development input to strategic counsel at the highest level, in ways that go beyond what most public relations firms can offer. Resiliency… flexibility… in these challenging times, businesses are often turning on a dime, rethinking, reshaping, even reinventing themselves, and as our clients explore new strategies, we’re right there with them, bringing the weight of our experience and creativity to the process.

Nothing in business is simple anymore and public relations is no exception. With the rapid, ever-changing development of social media, our work has become increasingly multi-dimensional as we work across a range of communications platforms, creating content and reaching both media (print, online, broadcast) and consumers. Nothing’s done by rote, everything’s individualized. And the work has never been more exciting.

So take a look around. Explore some of the initiatives we’ve developed for our clients, scroll through some of the media coverage we’ve generated for them and read what the press and our clients have to say about MacKay & Co. Then give us a call. We’d love to meet you and hear about your business and what you’re trying to achieve. We know that we can help you reach your goals.

About The Team
We'd like to think that MacKay & Co. is the perfect balance of seasoned maturity and dynamic, youthful energy. Great things happen for our clients when the strategic counsel of rich experience guides some of the brightest and most creative young communicators in the business.


John MacKay

John MacKay is one of Canada’s most respected Public Relations professionals. He has an extraordinary ability to listen carefully, find the essence of a client’s story and communicate it in a rich, evocative manner. That talent has been a consistent thread throughout John’s career: first as a lifestyle journalist including columnist for the Toronto Star, Contributing Editor to Toronto Life Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of FASHION Magazine, and as a national broadcast journalist for Canada AM, CityTV’s CityLine and CHFI’s Chronicle and Sunday Sunday.

Listening closely to what you really want to do – and then helping you get there – has earned John the trust of some of the world’s foremost lifestyle and luxury brands. It’s a capacity that’s enhanced by his experience as a Los Angeles-trained psychotherapist with a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

But as both clients and media will tell you, MacKay & Co. is first and always a team. Collectively we're talking more than 35 years as public relations practitioners. But just as significantly, we've been magazine editors, newspaper columnists, entertainment industry development executives, psychotherapists, freelance writers, teachers, television producers, novelists, bloggers, fashion show producers, theatre directors, and retail sales associates. And we bring it all to the work we do with you.