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What We Offer

We listen very, very carefully. We find and articulate the essence of your story. We hone smart communication and media strategies that support your marketing programs. And then we create the holistic image development programs to deliver it all in the most dynamic and efficient way possible.

What kind of thinking can you expect on your business from MacKay & Co?
Deep insight into lifestyle products and services. We know them inside and out. What motivates people to buy. How to reach and connect with them. How to tell your story in a way that creates action and results. And we‘ve done it for more than a decade for some of the world’s most demanding lifestyle and luxury brands.

Ideas that generate exceptional coverage.
We excel at media relations, both traditional and social media; it’s the core of our work. We know how to give your story the kind of editorial appeal that generates exceptional coverage and resounds with your customers. And we know where to place your story – our media relationships run deep.

A marketing-driven state-of-mind.
Your marketing plan and calendar are our starting point. We know how to work with your marketing initiatives and support them with integrated PR counsel, plans and programs.

An understanding of style. 
We get style. Yes, it’s intangible, but in a commoditized world of interchangeable products and services, it is often the differentiator that creates a brand’s value and success. We’ll work with your brand’s current style…we’ll help you refine, elevate or refresh it. Alternatively, we’ll help you turn it upside down and find a brand new style that's right for you.