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A Social Media Campaign for ZARA

ZARA doesn't do very much PR. The great global style retailer with almost 1,800 stores worldwide has built their business without the help of public relations as we know it – without agencies in each country, no product placement, little effort to have media tell the ZARA story.

So when ZARA asked MacKay & Co. to develop a campaign to launch, their online selling site in Canada, we were both flattered and excited. We’d be working with a great company that knows exactly who they are and we’d have the opportunity to use the social media knowledge and experience that have become a huge part of our work.

For this retailer who very much believes in the power of word of mouth, we wanted to do something extremely simple but very, very effective. In keeping with ZARA's communication philosophy, we developed a network of more than 700 "influencers" from coast-to-coast; a list of highly social, fashion-aware, young professionals, some of whom were likely already ZARA retail customers, and many who should be. We sent each of them a $150 gift card inviting them to experience for themselves before the site was officially open for business. 

We included media, offering them the exact gift card opportunity we offered the influencers. But in keeping with the ZARA philosophy, we didn't solicit stories on the launch. We let the press decide for themselves if their experience was worth writing about.

The results surpassed our expectations; more than 1,000 tweets, 110 print and online stories, a total reach of more than 109 million. The results were also very satisfying; proof that the simple communication of an excellent customer opportunity is PR at its very best.

Click here to see some of the remarkable press coverage and social media buzz. 

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