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The Hottest Event of the Year... Year After Year

Can you think of another event that never fails to attract the top 60 lifestyle media, from magazine and newspaper editors-in-chief, to the top television talk show hosts? It’s Tiffany & Co.’s Holiday Press Lunch, their annual thank you to journalists that officially starts the holiday season. There are no gimmicks here, no special effects, just the perfect venue with perfect food, hosted by gracious Tiffany executives and attended by a literal who’s who of the press. We’re proud to develop the event that, year after year, the press call “the event of the year.” 

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People Eating
Flowers and Glasses
Table Row
Rose Plates
People Sitting
People Sitting 2
Christmas Centerpiece
Table Lights
Table and Chairs
Long Table
People Talking
Big Centerpiece
Center Flowers
Blondes Talking